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Name of the teacher Degree(s)(Mention specifically if obtained externally)   Year when obtained Class/Grade obtained percentage marks. Name of the University a)Designation b) whether full-time or part-time or visiting or Honorary
2 3 4 5 6 7
Mr.Vishwanath T. Godbole M.A. B.ED NET,SET (Marathi) 1998 58.1 S.R.T.Marathawada  University Nanded Principal
Mr.Kamlesh  R. Sonpasare B.E. (E & T.C.) 2007 68 Mumbai  University Lecturer
Mr.Arjun Hanumant Dhondiram M.A. (Histroy) 2007 58.37 Pune  University Lecturer
Mrs.Mohini Rajesh Shelar M.A. B.ED (English) 2011 57.25 Mumbai  University Lecturer
Mrs.Patole  Chaya Bhau M.A. B.ED (History) 2007 First Class Mumbai  University Lecturer
Mr. Bhor  Santosh   M.A. B.ED  2011 64.55 Mumbai  University Lecturer
Mr.  Gangadhar  R. Kiwade Bsc in Computer Science 2011 62.17 Mumbai  University Lecturer
Mrs. Varsha J. Jadhav M.com. B.ED  2007 First Class Mumbai  University Lecturer
Mrs. Rajani  V. Sondkar M.C.M. 2000 63.4 Pune  University Lecturer
Mrs. Dipti  Jadhav M.A. 2007 First Class Mumbai  University Lecturer


Sr. No. Name of  the Member of the Staff Academic qualification Degree & Class obtained a)Designation  b)whethefull-time or part-time
1 2 3 4
1 Mrs.  Vanita  Laxman  Dethe  B.A. CLERK
2 Mrs.  Chaya  Parad B.A. CLERK
3  Mr.    Rahul   Kambale  I.T.I. COMPUTER  LAB  TECHNICIAN
4 Mr.  Tushar    Shelar H.S.C COMPUTER  LAB  ASSISTANT
5 Mrs.  Bharati   Bhere S.S.C. ASSISTANT